Ryten og Fuglehuk by steinliland on Flickr,
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The Milky Way & the Sierras by Blake DeBock
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Tracy Arm Fjord by El Paso ESQ
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Old Friend by Bonny Fleming
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Lago di Fiastra (by claudiophoto)
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All to You | Stella Tan
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So guys guess what essentially I’m like 98% sure I’m going to get a job. My cousin got me connections with not a tutoring job but an interning job for basic calc that pays $4,000 a semester holy fuck yes. There probably aren’t any available positions this semester so I’ll have to wait until the spring. But my cousin emailed the lady about me and before I could even email her she sent me an email saying she is interested in working with me so that’s pretty huge.
Also I found out that my meal plan this year is significantly more than I thought it’d be. I originally thought a lot of $1,500 that I get back would have to go to food but I don’t think that’s gonna be the case so that’s awesome.
I still don’t have wifi at home tho and I’m going back today so let’s hope I don’t die of boredom these next few weeks ugh

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Hi guys have a shitty selfie while I momentarily have wifi