The Weeknd // Wicked Games

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The Small Island  by Christian Thamm myutopianmind

Wow have I seriously not missed having writing assignments

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Cloud Eruption by Matt Molloy myutopianmind

Rum from Eigg 2 by Paul Byrne myutopianmind

There are guys outside my dorm making like howling/hooing noises idek but it’s been going on for like twenty minutes and it’s annoying as fuck and insanely immature

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I have to finish my buddhism writing and then finish at least most of my discussion group worksheet for tomorrow and try to study for my spanish test Wednesday and I still have over half of chapter 5 of biology notes to take and we’re already halfway done with the next chapter too and I am stressed as fuck right now but I am very sickly and it feels like someone shoved like ten tissues up my nasal cavity and I just want to not be sick and lay in bed and watch ahs ):

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But adding on to that on a more serious note it’s absolutely ridiculous that he’s already thinking about college. After he said that he wrote “everything I do is to get into college” and like idk it’s just absolutely fucking ridiculous that society pressures kids as young as fifth graders into stressing about getting into a good college

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